The Greek Group of Companies Rhetor, undertakes the whole procedure of residence authorization in Greece, having the potential of three specialized companies that indicate every phase of your investment process

The process

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Contact with Rhetors  Group Counselors for the beginning of our collaboration

Αναζήτηση Ακινήτου Rhetor

Search of Property in accordance with your needs

Νομικός Έλεγχος Ακινήτων Rhetor

Legal and Technical control of immovable property

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Real Estate Purchase

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Collection of the required documents and application submission

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Residence Authorization for five years. EU Visa Sengen travel  (2months after the submission of the application)

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Contact with a Rhetors Group Agent in order to start your collaboration

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Collect all the required documents and application submission

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Submit the application for permit (Right of residence and movement from/to the Country for one year)

Έκδοση golden visa

Residence Authorization for five years. EU Visa Sengen travel  (2 months after the application submission)

Rhetor Law Firm

  • Supporting Documents
  • Suitability of immovable property
  • Contracts
  • Procedure to be followed obtaining the residence permit


  • Property Search
  • Analysis of Needs
  • Sales Purchase for Procedure Report

Maestro Accounting and finance


  • Procedures regarding Taxes
  • Issue of the Data Report
  • Investment Advice

Our highly qualified partners ensure the submission of a complete application and your residence authorization in Greece, directly and with guaranteed results.

In accordance with Law  4146/2013 the Greek legislation enables third-country nationals (from outside the European Union ) to obtain a five years duration residence permit with one of the following methods:

  1. Purchase of Real Estate Property of 250.000Euro
  2. Strategic Investment of 250.000Euro

The residence permit is granted for a period of five years, including the members of the family (wife, children up to 21 years old, parents).

Frequently asked questions

The amount of 250.000 is referring to one or more properties?

It concerns whether one property or more, which their total value exceeds the amount of 250.000Euro.

How is the value of the property confirmed?

From the values provided in the contracts, or from the leasing agreements.

Is it possible the property to belong to a juridical person?

Yes as far as the shares or the shareholdings of the legal person are wholly owned by the person who is interested on getting the residence permit.

The amount of 250.000euro concerns only a real estate purchase;

No, there are more potential alternatives to be considered:

-the purchase of immovable property, or

-timeshare of 10 years duration, or

-holiday leasing agreements of hotel accommodation or furnished dwellings on complex tourist accommodations with at least 10 years duration

Is the possibility of permit renewal provided?

Yes it is for every five years, so far as the individual concerned maintains the relationship on the property.

What is provided for the investors’ family?

The investors’ family members are also entitled to the same benefits of individual residency permit by submitting an individual application which could be renewed or either expired at the same time with the owners residency permit of the property.

Does the holder of residence permit have the right of employment in Greece?

No, but he/she can be entitled as a shareholder, member of a management board of a company or the Managing Director.

Is it necessary for someone who applies for residence permit to previously obtain an entry visa to Greece?

Only if he/she comes from a country that the entry visa for entering Greece is required.

What advantages does the holder of a residence permit, have in Greece.

-He/She can reside in Greece during the entire period of validity of the residence permission

– He/She can travel to every country of the Schengen area for up to three months every six months.

– He/She have access to the public health and education services, same as the Greek citizens.

In how much time should the decision be adopted?

Within 2 months, from the date that the application was lodged.

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